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NOTE: Presidential Executive Order 13998 now requires all passengers to wear masks whilst on board public maritime vessels

From our two hour expedition collecting beautiful shells on the beach and dolphin watching in their natural environment, to our four hour trip that includes a journey to historic Egmont Key for some great snorkeling or a nice leisurely swim - we have an adventure cruise that's just for you! Contact us for your comprehensive charter package.

With Adventure Cruises, you're free to roam around the boat during your pleasure trip to enjoy the sights and sounds our beautiful St. Pete Beach, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay waterways have to offer. Our primary goal here at Adventure Cruises is to make your trip as fun and fulfilling as possible, regardless of what activities you choose to do.

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Dolpin Watching

Dolphin Watching





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Why choose Adventure Cruises

Dolphin Smart

Adventure Cruises was the first charter boat company in West Central Florida to become "Dolphin Smart" certified. This means we have passed the annual Dolphin Smart certification process, and share a commitment to ecologically-sound practices in order to preserve wild dolphins. We have received extensive training in responsible behavior in all our interactions with wild dolphins. We provide education to all of our guests in the ecology of wild dolphins and how to properly and responsibly observe these magnificent creatures.

Who We Are

We are located on the beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida. We are a charter boat company offering boating trips, dolphin watching tours, sightseeing excursions, snorkeling, and more. Hop aboard our catamaran, Adventure 1, and enjoy the breath-taking scenery and wildlife of St. Petersburg and surrounding areas of Tampa Bay!

Unlike single hull vessels, Adventure 1 offers a unique design that allows our passengers to board and disembark directly onto the beach without wading ashore or using ladders. Providing greater stability and safety in Tampa Bay's warm Gulf waters, catamarans offer incredible comfort to you and your family.

Rates & Departures

Shelling/ Dolphin Watch

Cruise duration: 2 hours

Departs: 7 days a week

Rates: Adults $40.00

Children under 12 - $30.00, children under 3 - free

Egmont Key Snorkeling Trip

Trip duration: 4 hours

Departs: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:00 am
*due to varied water temp. this is a seasonal excursion

Rates: Adults $60.00

Children under 12 - $50.00

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